Terra Cotta Woman and Child Fertility Figure

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I discovered this wonderful little clay woman with child at the estate sale of a choreographer in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood, who had a fantastic collection of objects from around the world, ancient to contemporary---and I fell in love with her immediately. I love the black hair, big round painted eye with sculpted nose between them, the exaggerated hands with individuated fingers, and the way she lifts and cradles her child, who so intimately rests his arm on her shoulder; such a tender and universal gesture of connection between mother and child. 

 I am pretty confident she is pretty ancient--possibly pre-Columbian, from Mexico, however there are ancient Mesopotamian female fertility figures to whom she bears a fair resemblance particularly in terms of her form and seated position, with wide hips narrowing to pointed toes, and the surface decoration on her arms, belly hips and legs. This certainly feels like a museum quality piece, with a tremendous presence.

The very tip of the arm of the child and some of her hair on the back side is chipped off, and there is some cracking to the rest of her hair.   Otherwise this piece is very good condition, with the appropriate signs of age and wear to suggest that it is very old indeed. 

4 1/8" tall x 2 1/4" wide x 3" deep.