I Spent All Day Roaming Over Teddy's House, c. 1930s Child's Watercolor Drawing

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This is one of a few watercolor drawings I held onto from a larger batch I found a year or so ago, so that I could live with it for a while. (Mounted on archival mat and placed in a simple contemporary frame in the interim.) For a while it seemed to me all of them were done by the same person but now I think perhaps done by different students in the same class, who were given the same format and the same (wonderfully unusual) watercolor palette to work with. This one, captioned  "I spent all day roaming Teddy's house" captures a sense of roaming in I think the most marvelous way, with a cane in hand of the voluminously panted, black booted figure at upper right, and stretched arms gesture of the figure at lower right, as if illustrating a sense of expanse. Plus this fabulous door and window and  smiling boy at near left seemingly just setting out. I find this so full of life and poetry, and it feels to me as if capturing a magical sort of dance.

Framed: 15 5/8" x 12 5/8". Paper: 11 3/4" x 9". Very good condition. Frame is an inexpensive, off the shelf one, but I think well suited for letting the watercolor speak for itself.