Tall, Thin, One-armed Woman in White

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I found this lady yesterday in New Hampshire and grow more enamored of her every minute! On one hand she looks--in her long white gown with what one might read as a split up the front--as if about to go to the Oscars (and looks a bit like an Oscar herself!) but perhaps in fact she's lost her clothes and we're seeing her bare. (She also feels to me a bit like a nurse!) Whatever the case, wonderful face, wonderful form. great old white paint--and a lost limb or two never bothers me! (one could certainly remove her remaining arm to even her out of desired.)

8" t. Aside from the missing arm, in good condition. She won't quite stand steady on her own but a bit of wax under her feet would do it. (I think is is the arm that unbalances her.) Earlyish 20th c. I would think.