Sweet, Small Antique Alphabet Sampler with Flamestitch Practice

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There are so many keen sampler dealers and collectors out there that for the most part I leave them alone. But, occasionally I find one that calls to me--like an out of order alphabet I had a few months ago, and this one, with its patch of colorful flame stitching at bottom right, at odds with the careful linearity of the rest, and like a little abstract explosion of energy. Certainly this was just a little practice sampler and so here she was (a girl with the initials YD I assume, which appears on the third line) practicing, but I like to think she finished up the dutiful alphabet section and then started enjoying herself! 

Sampler itself measures 8 15/16" l x 4 3/8" t. Framed (as I found it): 11 1/8" x 8 1/4". The wooden frame is not brand new but not very old, with a relatively new black papered back. I believe this sampler came from an estate in Newburyport MA with quite a fine collection of antique samplers, most of which went to auction.

Very good condition, with a little discoloration to the linen behind the black A on the third line. Frame in very good shape with one small knick to the wood along the bottom edge.