Sweet Set of Hand-painted Wooden Houses and Buildings

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One finds a variety of wooden folk houses and structures painted on wood blocks as these are, but these charmed me for being cheerful but not at all fussy, and for the  great combo of colors all together. I also like the houses mixed together with the triple deckers, which makes for good for stacking, too!  I found them all together, though I'm not totally sure that were all made by the same person as the painting is more precise on some than others--all to the good I think.

There is one more nice gray triple decker in addition to these that I inadvertently left out of the photos but which is included for a total of 8 in the set. Most have windows painted on three sides. They all have tiny holes on their roofs--I am not sure why. They range from about 2 1/2" to 3" tall and are in very good shape, with a little paint loss around the edges and a small ding or smudge here and there.