Sweet Scratch Made Crate Wood Little Red House

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I'll never resist an old folk art house if I can help it, and think this is quite a sweet one, and a cheerful one its red paint with creamy white and green trim. With matching front and back, and matching sides, and with silver foil behind the hand-cut cardboard paned windows, and behind the little window in the door too. With what appears to be a tarred pitched roof, with a few bits of glitter here and there (maybe acquired along the way), and some found bits giving two stacks to the chimney. Built from scratch. c. 1930s or so I'd guess.

9 3/4" l x 5" d x 6" t and in good condition, with no losses at all that I see. The roof is just a loose where it meets at the sides, but well attached overall and no real matter, just a bit better to pick it it up from the bottom or sides. There is also a bit of separation between front and side at one end, as documented; nails still well attached.