Sweet Old Whittled, Jointed Man with Newsboy Cap

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Despite this fellow's rather stoic expression, he has quite a warm presence and I think a very sweet disposition! He was for sure lovingly done, from that great cap (with a rather chimney-like post on top, which almost seems like it might one have had held a propeller!) to the buttons down his front, to his little pants pocket, which looks a bit like a holster.  He is fairly light in weight and seems perhaps to have been carved from driftwood, with the surface of the wood left as was to define the darker color of his vest. Nails at the shoulder allow his arms to swing 360 degrees. 

9 5/8" tall x 2 5/8" wide x 2 1/4" and in overall in very good condition. A little unevenness to the post atop his cap, and a small split in the wood of one shoe.  I would guess he dates from the earlyish 20th century. He stands up on his own.