Sweet c. 1920s Fred Abbott Naive Painting of Bear Mountain and Pond, with Canoe

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A charming little painting, which a handwritten note on reverse describes as  depicting (I think it reads) "Bear Mountain and Pond" (there's a bridge mentioned too...) and attributes to  Prof. Fred F. Abbott of Portland Maine, teacher and violin composer. I've actually found a few other examples of paintings by Abbott previously sold, including a fabulous woman with horse dated 1924, which I'd guess is about when this one was done. I love the inclusion of the banked blue canoe, which feels perhaps like an afterthought, but which has the effect of introducing a narrative and giving the viewer a place to--literally and proverbially--land. Atmospheric and quiet-cozy and feels like Maine.

8 1/8" x 5 7/8" and in good condition, better in person, with a small hole nailed right through the top of the board.