Sweet Old Handmade Wooden Toy Boat

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I'm a sucker for old handmade toy boat, and this is a very sweet one, with nice details including nail rails, steam pipe, and a little carved dingy on the upper deck, plus green painted windows all the way around and a tin roof on top. I assume the rope wrapped around it was indeed once used to keep it from venturing too far away when floated in a pond or lake--and it does appear as if it may have seen some choppy waters, with some loss of the bright yellow nailed-on trim around the lower sides, and one bent-over nail on the top deck rail.  Otherwise, Dean--painted in gold on both sides near the bow--is well in tact, and I think could be sent out to sea once again! 

Of a nice, substantial scale at 12 3/8" l x 4 1/8" w x 5" t. I'll do a little more dusting on it before shipping!