Sweet Old Handmade Red and White Painted Wooden House

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A charming little house, just what it needs to be, and a bit mysterious too-- with no doors or windows, I can't quite figure out which side is meant to be the front! Nailed together of scrap wood salvaged from old crates, including Blue Label Cheese, visible on the interior, and painted the perfect brick red and white, it's sturdy and a bit stoic too I think, as if locked up and prepared to endure a long winter!

6 1/4" l x 5" t at chimney x 4 1/4" w. The top of the red painted bump-out on on side is a bot off center and shows an old red-painted nail sticking out of one edge, which I have not tried to nail in as it's sort of a curious thing. Very good overall condition, with chipped paint in a couple of spots but completely stable.