Sweet Old Folk Art House Still Bank

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I can't resist an old handmade wooden house, and even better when it's a coin bank too! This is a very sweet one, early 20th century I believe, with wonderful carved details, including the frames and pane dividers on all of the windows, the panels--and tiny knob!-of the door. Plus alligatoring to the paint on the window frames, with hand-painted red curtains and little potted plants in two of them, and then a green stem with little red flowers or berries subtly painted across the front! On one side is a coin slot, right below the chimney with four stacks, and the base of the house unscrews to release one's loot.

7 3/4" t x 6" w x 5 1/2" d. There is a nick to the wood of the roof at one corner, and a split along one edge of the base which makes it sit just off square--no real matter. The bank can be emptied by unscrewing the base.