Sweet Old Folk Art House From Farm in Bethel, Maine

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This charmer of a folk art house I know came from the Stanley Roberts Farm in Bethel Maine, retrieved by a fabulous woman named Verna, who sold it to me, along with a few other treasures from the same estate. The house is made of crate wood, with glass for the windows (inset into carved niches visible on the interior) painted with black crosses for windows and bordered on the bottom with black painted bits of wood. The dark red along the bottom perimeter of the house was detailed with pencil drawn bricks, and then these two little nailed on columns at either side of the front doors. Just the right size I think, with a lot of personality.

Surface wear to the paint, a bit of splitting in a couple spots on the roof, and a piece of missing roof overhang on what I’d call the back side. Stable and sound and pretty sturdy. I’d guess 1940s or so I would guess, though maybe a bit earlier than that. 

12 7/8” l x 8” t x 3 7/8” d.