Sweet Old Folk Art Farm Animals and Fence Set

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I know that these came from a farm estate in Bethel, Maine, perhaps inspired by the flock and fencing in their own barnyard—and if the loving construction of these is any indication, it must have been a lovely farm. The rooster with its orange crest may be my favorite, with two hens to keep him company, plus a very sweet bunny and lone sheep. All steady on their bases, as are the six sections of fencing, with nice aging to the white paint on the animals and a nice warm dry wood patina to the fences. 

Each fence (six total) measures approx. 5 7/8" l x 2 3/4" t x 3/4" d. Hens. as point of reference, measure approx 2 1/8" t x 1 5/8" l x 5/8" d. All in very good condition, with no missing bits anywhere that I can see.  I would guess 1940s or so.