Sweet Old Folk Art Carved Small Standing Frame with Photo

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A very sweet old carved folk art standing frame, the form of which makes it look (to me at least) as if the photo itself is being held lovingly in a hand--or cupped between two hands, with  thumbs to the sides and the tips of three fingers above it. Framing the old snapshot of young child seated on a bench in front of a rock formation are three wooden pieces, carved to look like rope. No fourth piece at the bottom, likely lost, but as is one could probably slide a different photo in if desired. (No glass.)

6 1/8” t x 6 1/4” w x 6” t. Photo/frame approx 2 1/2" x 1 7/8". Photo shows surface wear, a little yellowing and a little rippling, but feels all of a piece with the frame and I personally would leave it just as found.