Sweet Old Floral Petit Point on Dark Blue Wool

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This little petit point on wool embroidery just makes me happy; as with old samplers, I think it wonderfully caries the hand and sensibility of its maker, and I love it all the more for its moth holes and lost stitches. 

While it reads as black in these photos, the wool backing is a dark blue, and indeed there are a few small holes near the top right edge. It is sold as found in a very old, pretty worn gilded wood frame, the wood back of which shows through the front a bit along the top and bottom edges, as the textile is a bit smaller than the frame and also a bit irregular in shape. There are a few stray bits of fuzz and dust on the wool, which likely could be carefully removed. There are a few nails holding the back of the frame closed but it could use a few more. Wire strung on the back for hanging. 10 7/8" wide x 9" tall x 5/8" deep framed.