Sweet Figurative Carved Folk Art Whimsy Spoon with Chain of Locks

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The whimsy or “loving” spoons one most often sees are Welsh or Scandinavian and often highly refined; I’m not entirely certain the national origins of this one, but it’s the folkiness of it manifested in the figure and lock-shaped chain links that I love (I might guess American nodding to the Scandinavian manner of decoration on the bowl and handle, but am not entirely certain..)  I presume it is an upside down strawberry carved into the spoon of the spoon, very sweetly done, with dots for seeds all over. Plus gold paint on the lower halves of each of the three interlocking locks. All carved from one piece of wood, with a coat of stain/varnish over all but the locks.

12 1/2” l x 2 1/8” widest. Early 20th c.I would guess. Very good condition.