Very Sweet Old Carved, Articulated Wooden Bear

Regular price $55.00

Such a good one, almost like a shadow gently loping along, and with just the right amount of belly, and this great combination of aged dry wood body and brown painted arms and legs. Perhaps he was once an acrobat, or a shadow puppet,  as there are two small holes in one of its paws, the other one slightly chipped which gives it a claw-like feel. If one could snuggle with a wooden toy, this would be the one! 

7 3/4 t x 2 1/8 w with arms down, 9/16" d. Aside from chipped paw, in very good, wonderfully aged and worn condition, with arms and legs well attached and moving with ease. There is a little paint loss to one leg on one side. He can balance on his own in a seated position.