Sweet Handmade Crate Wood Sewing Chest in Original Paint

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I try to avoid buying things larger than a 12x12x12 box will accommodate, but don't always succeed! I spotted this three drawer plus one sewing chest, constructed of crate wood, at Brimfield and it just won me, between its original sea foam blue/green paint and tall narrow form and those round nobs dotting the top perimeter like fencing around the top drawer. The top of that drawer has holes for pegs for holding spools--two of which remain, which I've placed in the drawer--but certainly it could be used for all sorts of other things now. The interior of the drawers reveal its crate wood construction, including showing Franklin Street Boston MA stencil painted on one of them. Of a good scale to be placed tabletop, with the interior of the drawers clean for stashing whatever. 

19" t x 9" w x 7 1/16" d and in good, structurally sound condition, standing straight and sturdy and with all of the drawers opening and closing easily. 

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