Sweet and Son, Providence RI, Late 19th c. Handcut Stencil

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I love an old stencil, particularly ones that stand on their own as interesting objects, and particularly ones incorporating good words/language that makes them resonate beyond their original function. Here, in addition to being a nice little piece of Providence, RI history (Sweet appears to have opened in 1840 as a manufacturer and wholesale dealer of dry goods, first as J.B Sweet then becoming "Sweet & Son" with the addition of S.S.Sweet, the son), it seems like the perfect thing for a son to give his sweet mother! And I love that the EET in sweet don't match the rest of the lettering, suggesting that the E and T stencils were lost and so those letters had to be cut freehand--which makes them all the sweeter! A really terrific patina. too. 

 7 1/2" l x 3 5/8". Good condition, beautifully aged.