Swedish Brass Triplex Junior Sugar Cube Grabber

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This thing is so fun to use, I’d employ it for sugar cubes, olives, small ice cubes, and whatever I might find to fit in its claw. Perfect for coffee service or on the cocktail bar. C. 1930s, the grabber shows Made in Sweden on one side of the handle and Triplex Junior on the other, and I believe was designed by a JP Johansson. I’ve found a few others in silver and silver-plate, but none in brass, which this appears to be, with a silver toned finish on the flower'shaped push-tip and grip. 

I haven't tried to polish it but do believe it would shine up some. There's a warm patina on the brass, and some darkening and spotting here and there. Photos are shot at 2x magnification. (If you'd like me to try to polish it up, just let me know.) 4 3/8" long x 3/4" d.