Surreal Looking Hand-painted and Faded 1900 Stereoview, "The Courtesy"

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The caption here tells us its a Colonial era parlor scene, and it seems clear that the woman at the center of the image (with an insane looking bright red smile) is giving a curtsy (a courtesy), but the way in which the photographic image has faded while the painting over top has remained turns the whole thing quite surreal. (Which one might say this sort social ceremony was/is to begin with!) There is also a woman in white in the background who keeps making me think of Yayoi Kusama with her bright red bob! And it sure looks like Queen Elizabeth at left! Plus a terrific purple wall to one side and what looks like a wall fresco with trees at right. To my eye, wonderfully strange.

 7" x 3 1/2". Dated 1900. General wear around the edges and obviously much faded but the color is spectacular.