Super Sweet Pair of Old Chip Carved Handmade Wooden Frames

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I love the idea of these as a wedding gift (individual portraits in each, but to be hung together), or perhaps for parents expecting twins! I've got a soft spot for chip carving to begin with, and think the folky combination of shapes and patterns on these is great, with the decoration at the top centers reminding one of heavenly rays of light shining down on whomever or whatever is housed in the frames. 

I believe the monogram on the right frame is G.S. but really can't quite figure out the one on the left, which--pleasingly to me--seems like it was not quite perfectly executed!  The wood of the right frame is of a slightly lighter shade. There are metal swing-up hangers mounted on the backs. 

Left one, slightly larger, measures 5 1/4" t x 5 1/8" w. Right, slightly smaller, 5 1/8" t 4 7/8" w. Visible image size: 2 5/8" x 1 3/4". Excellent condition. Sold as a pair.