Sculptural Handmade Vintage Ceramic Lamp, Matte Green and White

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I might guess 1980s or so on this great looking hand-built ceramic lamp, though possibly a little earlier. The top and bottom are inverted, accordian pleated cone forms, with a neck on the green glazed one where the lamp fixture is held, and the bulb opening inside the white half, which emits a really nice glow when lit. I just love its crispness, and the arts and crafts green and bright white combo, and how both modern and handmade it feels.

16 1/8" t x 6 1/8" w x 5" deep. Very good condition, with just a few small stains on the white glaze, minor. No chips or cracks or other issues, and works great. On the cord, near the lamp base, is an on-off dial. Green felt on the underside. Unknown maker.