Wonderfully Sculptural Primitive Green Painted Wooden Stool

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Photos don't do justice to the sculptural beauty and emphatic presence of this primitive old wooden stool, which lived for many years in the studio of internationally renowned, Providence, RI-based artist Richard Fleischner. I recently had the privilege of visiting Fleischner's studio and taking some things away with me, which, for me, are all the more special for that provenance, and for the manner in which they resonate with his work. (I've included a few photos to give a sense.) I am in love with the blocky notched form of the legs, and the old dark green paint, and fainter yellow on the top, with a few yellow drips down the sides, too. Plus knots here and there and fat nails joining the legs to the top. I'd use it as a pedestal for something stunning, or treat is a found sculpture and display it as such, but it's as sturdy as they come should one want to put it hard to work as a stool.

14 1/4" w x 6 1/16" d x 9 7/8" t and in great, much loved condition. 

Photos of Richard Fleischner's work courtesy of Helwaser Gallery: 

Untitled Construction, 2015, wood and cast earthen plaster, 4 7/16" x 10 15/16" x 7 1/2".

Untitled #19, 2014-15, earthen-plaster, cardboard, 11" x 9" x 9 1/4". 

Untitled, 2004, gouache on paper, 17 x 16 3/4"