Super Primitive Three-Legged Antique Milking Stool

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It doesn't get much more rustic than this very old three-legged wooden milking stool, which carries a terrific patina from what I'd think is 150 years at least of use. It remains super sturdy on its three smooth peg legs, though! Hard to imagine who and what all the seat has seen, but it certainly looks to have been the go-to stool for many a milking and other tasks too, and is made all the better by the addition at some point of three fat nails along the edges, and one smaller one a little ways in, plus a spatter of white paint here and a little red, there. To my eye quite a beautiful thing--a sculpture on its own, a pedestal for something else, and certainly a useful and satisfying place to sit!  

Approx 9" diameter, 7 3/8" tall. Wonderfully worn. There is one old split in the wood of the seat, as pictured, but structurally it's very sound.