Super Primitive Antique Jig Doll with Wonderful Face and Old Paint

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I purchased this one in New Hampshire from a dealer based in Michigan, and must say that from the moment I spotted him, he felt like a dear friend. He was hanging on the wall from a thin wire simply looped around his neck, and I think that is really the right was to show him, with legs hanging straight down. (He never had arms, and his body makes for a nice long vertical line.) Substantial in size, with a warm and substantial presence, and still with traces of his original paint animating his head and body, including a deep blue paint on his lower legs. Very primitive but very resolved, very sturdy and sound, 2nd half 19th c. I believe, wonderful.

13 1/8" t x 2" w x 1 7/8" d and in good antique condition, very sturdy and sound. He has lost the toe of one foot, long ago it appears.