Super Folky (and Just Super) Clay Cat Jar with Ill Fitting Head

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The basement flooded this week. Meaning I didn't get out much but rather spent my time pumping and water vacuuming and otherwise trying to drain it and dry things out. Happily, I found this kitty in a far corner waiting patiently for me! I can't remember where I found it, but now I love it all over again in all its awkwardness. The lip of the head doesn't quite fit the neck of the body, but it stays put fine, and I love the hard-trying nature of the who thing, surely made by a kid a few decades ago. What a face, and what a great stout body, with most excellent posture and attitude, looking eager to be loved but also seeming to say "I will not be moved!"

8 1/2" t x 6 3/4" w x 6 7/8" d and in very good condition, no chips or cracks, just the awkwardly fitting head!