Super Chunky 55 Inch Carved Whimsy Chain

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I think this carved wooden whimsy chain could actually be put to work hauling something; it's huge! And super chunkily, roughly carved, as If whoever made it had super urgency in getting it done. I love what a sculptural object it is, perfect for hanging like a garland across the wall, though it's also great piled up on itself to form a sort of a heap. Definitely a fun one to play around with, and the kids could probably using it for playing tug of war without breaking it!

55 inches long x 1 1/2" wide x 1/2" thick. 1970s or so I believe. Links are about 1 7/8" long each. Good condition, no breaks or splits or repairs; some spots and stains, and lots of imperfections original to it, as pictured!