Super Charming Handmade Painted Tin Railroad Houses - Sold Individually

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So sweet! I don't know the history of these great old little tin houses, but I think likely they were part of a model railroad, and I love whoever made them. Perhaps best are the crossed metal strips in each of the cutout windows, which appear to be carefully welded into place on the inside, but it's also hard to beat the perfectly imperfect hand-painted doors on their fronts and great color schemes overall (that yellow roof especially!) And the roofs lift off, so one could arrange little scenes inside to unlid and view from above. Happiness inducing for sure.

These have definitely had a life, with scratches and little dings all over, all to the good I think. Sturdy and in good structural shape. The lids don't lock tightly on, but they stay on fine. 

Yellow roof: 4 1/4" wide and deep, 3 1/8" tall.

Black roof: 4 3/8" wide and deep, 3 1/4" tall.

Price is per house. I recommend the pair for sure, but if just purchasing one please indicate which one with a note at checkout.