Atmospheric Early 20th C. Elton Ernest Thresher Seascape (some damage)

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Damage as evident, but such a lovely seascape no way could I resist. (Oil on thin board, I might be inclined to frame this one behind glass to keep it safe and sound, but it is sturdy enough to prop.) The sticker on the back indicates it was painted by American impressionist Elton Ernest Thresher (1881-1937) of Western Massachusetts. Not a whole lot out there about him, but a quick search will turn up a few other examples of his work--mostly impressionistic landscapes with a related gentleness about them, but to my eye I think he should have exclusively painted seascapes! Nice thick impasto for the cresting waves, and a whole lot of color in this though the effect is one of atmospheric softness. 

9 1/16 x 7 3/4. Losses to the board as evident, and a couple of large cracks to the paint along the left edge. Uncleaned, but still radiant.