Sunset Press Vintage Signal Cards c. 1940s

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I don't think photos do full justice to just how beautiful these cards are; the color is bright and saturated and the stock is matte, not glossy, making them to my eye just perfect. Plus, how to beat the fantastic graphics of these signal flags, and the language explaining their meanings, such as "My vessel is healthy, and I require free pratique," or "I am carrying mails." These were made to be used as reference, I believe in WWII, and their backsides provide translation and other practical (and also poetic) information. Plus several instructional cards explaining more about the usage of all. Really great and surely fodder for all sorts of creative applications. 

Complete deck in original box. Cards are in excellent condition. Some wear to the box but structural sound. Box measures 3 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 1".