Sunderland Early 19th Century Lustreware Mug with Frog Inside!

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I've become a big fan of antique transfer decorated Sunderland lustreware/pearlware, because it is just so much fun! This over-sized mug --good for a nice big cup of coffee--features a whaling ship a-sail amid rough seas and thunderous clouds on one side, and a poem on the other hailing safe return. But best is the sculptural frog with open mouth clinging to the side of its interior, eager to imbibe whatever is poured into it! 

The poem reads: "Now safe returned from dangers past / With joy I hail the shore / And fear no more the tempests blasts / Nor oceans angry roar."

C. 1820s-30s, it in very good condition still. There is one hairline crack just to the surface near the lip and an old, well-done repair to the handle. Otherwise just some staining. Still really looks great, is structurally sound and completely usable 4 7/8" tall x 3 7/8" d; 5 3/8" across at handle.