Sun Spots, from Austrian Journal of Popular Astronomy, 1876 Color Lithograph

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This striking image of sun spots as they appeared on November 3, 1868, comes  from a volume of Zeitschrift für populäre Astronomi (Journal of Popular Astronomy), published by Lith Anst, Graz (Austria), c. 1876. The image itself was created by Ernest Matthey-Guenet, who I have found mentions of but not much of anything about. The yellow is slightly more saturated than appears in photos; just lovely--and the perfect way to get to stare directly at the sun!  

6 5/8" x 11 3/8". Antique color lithograph. There are horizontal and vertical fold lines that correspond to the page size for the other print from the same publication that I have listed separately, so it is possible this was a fold out but I am not sure. Otherwise good condition, with some darkening to the paper along the fold lines and edges.