Sue Kutosh "Landscape" Vintage 1967 Linocut Print

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Titled “Landscape,” this is a linocut print, I believe, executed in black ink on a washi-type paper that I think was once much closer to white than it is today! It is signed by Sue Kutosh, May 1967, and numbered 4 of 4.

I purchased this print at the estate sale of a family of artists, and just loved it for how mid-century it feels and for its almost manic quality, packing in trees, vines, suns, stars, and rain, plus a rather Calder-esque form, which I think may be an animal, and perhaps that is the head of a fish next to it?  This is a fantastical landscape that one can get lost in, finding more the more one looks.

I have found the work of an NYC based artist named Sue Kutosh online, who graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 1971, has shown in this area, and who has since painted quite a variety of things (including some rather fantastical portraits in a realist style—a Cleopatra among them!), but to me this seems rather an accomplished print for a high schooler….maybe her mother was Sue Kotosh, too?! Regardless, I think it's a really wonderful piece!

The print is in very good condition. Its previous matte showed a lot of age, so I removed the print from the backing it was attached to (cutting carefully through old masking tape to do so) and have put it in a simple black frame with white matte. Image size is 4 1/2" x 6 1/2"; frame 9" x11".