Stunning Vintage Murano Handblown Art Glass Bowl with Pink and White Ribbon Design

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This is a gorgeous handblown Murano art glass bowl featuring exquisitely fine Zanfirico ribbons in white and a salmony-pink. This piece reminds me so much of watching jellyfish at an aquarium--luminous and mesmerizing, with impossibly fine, graceful ribbon-like tentacles trailing behind them. And like the jellyfish, it has a wonderfully irregular form, not perfectly rounded, and a bit taller on one side than the other. I think this enhances its specialness; and this feels like a very special piece indeed.

I have seen very similar pieces attributed to the Fratelli Toso Company in Venice and dated to the 1950s; there is no sticker remaining on this one, so I am not certain of its origins.  I purchased it at an estate sale in Sudbury, MA, which included many fine things including glass, ceramics, jewelry and silver. 

The bowl measures approximately 5 1/4" in diameter x 3 1/2" tall (again, the height varies a bit.) It is in very good vintage condition, with no chips or cracks, just a couple of tiny tiny black marks in one area, as documented in photos--largely only noticeable under bright light and magnification.