Stunning Randy Strong 1988 Black Art Glass Paperweight with Gold and Silver Foil

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In Kansas City, where I lived for many years, there is an exquisite shop called Asiatica,  which makes contemporary clothing using antique Japanese textiles, and also sells beautiful objects, both collected in Japan and by contemporary makers. When I saw this beautiful paperweight, I immediately thought it was something Asiatica would sell. 

With a little research and a few stabs trying to decipher the signature on the underside, I've learned it was made by Randy Strong, who operated a glass studio in Berkeley, CA from 1970 until just recently, and whose work features in collections including that of the Louvre. (In another KC connection, he studied ceramics alongside glass, with his mentor being Peter Voulkos. Read Strong's full bio here.) This is a limited edition piece from 1988, black glass with gold and silver foil, quite heavy and a wonderful thing to hold--I don't meditate, but if I did, I might hold this perfectly shapes and super smooth thing in one hand while doing so!

3 7/8" in diameter x 1 3/8" tall and in excellent condition, with no flaws whatsoever that I can see. (There is some reflection captured in photos, not imperfections.)