Stunning Silk Organza Button Back Pillowcase with Appliqué Triangles, Presumed Antique

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So finely made, and to my eye just exquisite, this is a hand-sewn pillowcase made of cream and periwinkle blue silk, with appliqué triangles forming larger triangles pointing toward the center. Button closure up the back allows for it to hold a pillow yet, though I think I'd be inclined to hang it as it is (ideally between pieces by Agnes Martin and Anni Albers!)  It seems to me the silk was hand dyed, and I believe is organza, and it looks to me that every stitch and button hole was finely done by hand. Sublime.

20 1/2" x 16 1/4 and in very good condition, with a few minor stains/toning spots, bot a bit detracting. Delicate, but not at all fragile. I'm really not certain of the age but would think it has a hundred years at least.