Stunning Large Crateresque Vessel, Presumed Emily Rossheim

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This one took my breath away when I found it, to my eye just stunning-- looking completely at home in the context I spotted it, arranged among ancient pots, and as if it might have just been dug out of the ground, though maybe ion another planet!  Signed ER on the underside, I believe it is the work of Emily Rossheim, a much renowned, Vermont-based contemporary studio ceramicist widely known for slab-built vessels of a similar form but typically finished in more electric colors, with the color produced by airbrushed underglazing. The interior of this one is the color of terra cotta, perfectly complimenting the fantastic texture and luminous stony purple-gray of the exterior. And then this gorgeous raw edge around the top. 

9 1/4" in diameter x 7 1/2" tall. It appears that it was previously used as a planter, and would make a striking one, but I think I'd I give it pride of place just as it is. Very good condition, with a few tiny tiny chips along the top edge, barely there and really no matter at all.