Stunning Early (1860s) Albumen Photo Stereoview: Owls and Hawk

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The second of two I think marvelous early stereoviews this week, which I believe came out of a Michigan collection but which I found in Maine. Photos do no justice, the tonality on this is just stunning--as are those birds! Taxidermied specimens I am sure, two owls and a hawk, lined up on this branch and doubled, such that it feels as if this branch might just extend on forever. Super crisp, super moody, perfectly set off by  the mustard yellow card, and what better creatures to stare out for hours than owls and hawks? With short and sweet handwritten description at left. 

6 15/16 x 2 3/8 and in good condition, general edge wear, and one small surface scratch to card at top center, and a patch of spotting left of the far left owl. By Luther Moulton, Muskegon, Michigan, which I have found reference to as active in the 1860s.