Stunning Double-Sided, Framed Ink and Watercolor Yantra Drawing

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After finding a beautiful antique Tantra mandala just a week or so ago, I stumbled across this gorgeous double sided one. I want and need to learn a lot more about the use and symbolism embedded in these, which I find aesthetically satisfying but don't have much knowledge about.  One one side is, I believe, what is called a Bhadramandala, a sort of gridded mandala which typically employ five colours--traditionally white, red, yellow, blue/green, and black, as is the case here--and also frequently with a lotus design at center, also the case here. (There is a lot of information about the form and symbolism of various Bhadramanadala at the, here.) On the reverse side is a non-gridded parallel image of the same, without color, including much more Sanskrit text, I assume inscribing a series of mantras.

Sold as found in a double paned /double sided frame, which is in very good condition. (I removed the drawing to photograph it, and am also happy to send unframed if you prefer.) Framed: 14" x 14". Drawing: 12 3/4" x 12 3/4". There are two diamond shaped holes in the drawing that were mended/filled, I believe quite some time ago, with a rag paper, which I think integrates beautifully in the drawing. Otherwise, it is in good, stable condition, with old fold lines and some clean tears as pictured in detail photos, and I think more beautiful than photos convey.