Stunning Blue on Blue Large Arts and Crafts Style Hand-thrown Pottery Bowl

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The surface design (and the graceful shape, too) on this gorgeous large hand-thrown bowl reminds me a lot of the work of Newcomb Pottery, an Arts & Crafts pottery that ran 1895-1940 out of the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College in New Orleans (now associated with Tulane)—which if you are not familiar with, look up, as it is just spectacular! It is also reminiscent of the textile and wall paper designs of Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie McIntosh, which, not surprisingly, were a significant influence on Newcomb. 

The bowl measures 9 1/2” across at widest and 5 1/2” tall, making it perfect for serving—I am picturing it right now filled with pasta primavera! Or it would make a stunning planter for a beautiful leafy green houseplant. Just stunning.

It is signed (incised) on the bottom, but unreadable other than what looks like a big cursive S. I would guess it dates to mid- to late 20th c. and is in perfect condition inside and out but for two tiny tiny chips on one side of the lip, not noticeable unless you are looking for them, and which a plant (or a cocktail!) would make disappear!