Stunning Antique Walnut and Maple Inlay Box

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I love a beautiful box, and to my eye this one is about perfect as it gets; just gorgeous! Someone more knowledgeable than me identified the woods as walnut with maple inlay; I'd guess they are right--and what a stunning combination the two make in very finely executed alternation, forming concentric squares on the fitted lid and framed triangles on the sides. Classic, timeless, and also very modern feeling, and large enough to be useful as a box but small enough just to set somewhere as a gem of a decorative object. I would guess it dates to the late 19th century or very early 20th century. 

Approximately 6 1/2" square and 4 1/4" tall, with a deep green felt-lined interior. Very good condition. Original surface. I have not touched the wood. There is one small water stain on the lid, pretty minor, and a small possible very thin black ink mark on one side, very minor. There is a bit of minor warping to the lid, and one corner joint is a bit loose, but not an issue if just set somewhere, where it will light up the room!