Stunning Amphora Shaped Raku Pottery Vase with Iridescent Luster Glaze

Regular price $45.00

The subtly iridescent color on this very finely hand-thrown, super thin walled raku vase, is a bit elusive, showing a bit darker or lighter based on how the light hits it, and revealing green tones in addition to bluish purple. In any light, it is quite a lovely thing--super elegant and refined, with the form and reactive glaze perfectly complementing one another. I would stick one perfect rose or lily in it and call it a day! 

8 1/4" t x 3 1/2" d; 1 7/8" across at lip. Signed on the bottom what appears to be the "ER". There is one chip on the lip that shows the same color as the body; visible from one side only.