Stunning 19th Century Primitive Working Decoy with Copper Neck Mend

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To my sensibilities, this is just about the most beautiful decoy I've ever seen, and really just pure sculpture to me--in no small part due to this fantastic collar mend, copper I believe, around the neck, with a wonderful row of fat iron nails down the front seam; the perfect enhancement to its elegant form and weathered black painted surface. More fat nails for eyes on the head, and others here and there all over, and an old lead plate on the underside. Clearly this one did some work and was prized enough to repair. I would call it a perfect object and would never tire of looking at it.

10 inches long x 6 3/4" tall x 4 1/4" wide. 19th century American, found in Maine. Structurally sturdy and sound with no splits or other issues and just wonderful.