Structure In Art and Science, Ed. Gyorgy Kepes, 1965 Fourth Edition Hardcover

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Another reminder of what an exciting hub of cross-disciplinary thinking and practice MIT has been, and of the brilliance of artist, educator and theorist Gyorgy Kepes (founder of MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies) is this terrific book, one of six anthologies Kepes edited as part of his "Vision + Value" Series. In editing Structure In Art and Science, Kepes sought to make clear that 'the world as a set of structural systems does not divide into the two territories of scientific knowledge and artistic vision. Rather, both our scientific understanding and our artistic grasp of the physical world exist within a common structure of motion ration, communication, and knowledge."

Essayists include cognitive scientist Richard Held, British mathematician and historian Jacob Bronowski, German-Dutch curator Hans Jaffe, Italian engineer and architect Pier Nervi, Buckminster Fuller, and many others, with full-page black and white images interspersed throughout. 

Hardcover. 189 pages.New York: George Braziller, (1965). Dust jacket is faded and torn at spine but book itself is in very good, clean condition, with only very light wear to corners and spine. Writing in the upper right corner of first inside page. 11 1/8" x 9 1/8" x 1".