Striking Japanese Yosegi Zaiku Marquetry Lacquer Box

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This gorgeous box is a fine example of Yosegi-zaiku, a type of traditional Japanese marquetry which originated during the Edo period in Hakone, a town near Mount Fuji. This one I believe dates to the Meiji period (1868-1912) and features silver hinges on the back and locking mechanism on the front, which now remains unlocked. I find the marquetry patterns and interplay of different wood grains just stunning, feeling both very modern and timeless. And this box, which I'd guess was a writing box, is large enough to house a wide manner of things in its black lacquer interior. 

9 3/4" long x 6 1/4" deep x 2 3/8" tall. Very good condition. There is a tiny bit of warping to the lid such that is closes a hair short of flush on the left side, very minor, and one triangle on the top rises just a tiny bit--as pictured. A couple of small cracks to the black lacquer of the interior, also very minor. Really, it looks spectacular!