Striking c. 18th c. Hand-forged Iron Hanging Meat Rack

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This is an old one and a rare one--a hand-forged iron meat rack, which would used in conjunction with a crane to hang meat (and perhaps corn, too) over a large open fireplace to cook it. And it's quite a striking object, constructed like a backbone of interlocking pieces, with sharp points to spear and hold the meat on one side, flat backs on the other, and a hook at one end. All sorts of ways to display it--and things to do with it!-- now, beautifully graphic just hanging down from the hook on the wall in a straight line, or set on a flat surface like a millipede creeping along on pointy feet. I do believe this dates to the 1700s and was found in New Hampshire. 

23 1/2" l x 4 1/2" w x 1 1/4" d and in very good condition. Clearly it was used, with light rust/pink on the sharp ends, but the iron in beautiful shape