Unusual Antique Mounted Occupational Photo, Presumed Steel Worker

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A super striking image I think, and I've gone back and forth on whether it a straight photo or a trick one--and am still not entirely sure.  It looks like the interior of an iron or steel works or related sort of industrial factory, visible behind our man, with a fair amount of detail evident with close looking, and the view of the interior extends all the way to the edges of the photo, such that it seems it may actually be a very piece of large iron or steel that has been stood up in the factory, which our subject grips with one hand. Or, perhaps it's a image of a steel plate that has been juxtaposed with the other, creating the illusion of framing him! Looking closely (with magnification), it appears the lines of his suit were emphasized with hand-drawing, but to me it appears as if these were done on the negative rather than on the image itself.  Quite an unusual occupational photo as far as I've ever seen, and one I can't stop looking at.

9" x 10", mounted to board. Some warping to the board, which I've managed to slowly improve with a little weight on top of it and will continue to do. Otherwise very good condition, super graphic, crisp and clear. The back of the photo seems to read "Master Vestibule Door" which seems to advance the argument that it is a straight photo.