Strange Inner Glow: Evocatively Degraded Ninth Plate Ruby Ambrotype of Baby

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Such a strange one! This is an foil wrapped, uncased 19th c. ruby ambrotype which, over time, has been transformed in what I find a quite evocative and rather otherworldly way, as if revealing this child's inner light (or its being consumed from within by a pear-shaped ectoplasmic blob!) I especially love how the hand at left seems to grip and press into the side of the glowing form. There is no backing aside from a taped perimeter and the foil wrap, so holding it to light reveals the red glass that distinguishes it as a ruby ambro. I photographed it both against a black ground and against white, with more detail evident against the black, which is how it would show when cased. I find myself increasingly interested in old photos that are transformed in strange ways over time and think this is quite a wonderful example.

2 9/16" x 2 1/16". No case or backing, and degrading to the image as evident, which is what makes it great.