Strange 1929 Devilish Bird in Egg Watercolor

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A weird one for sure, but I'm pretty into this watercolor/gouache, done by a Silova O. Kolin in 1929. I might guess it has something to do with the end of one decade and beginning of another, perhaps with this black devil-bird meant to represent the hatching the year 1930 (not really a great year in the history of things...), screaming as it does. Or maybe it is just an anthroporphism of the proverbial primal scream. In any event, I think the pointy yellow shards emerging from the mouth of this strange creature do a pretty great job of giving form to a shrill cry, and I really love those little black feet poking out from the bottom of the egg. Seems it might be a good one to hang in the office for when one needs a surrogate to exorcise frustrations!

8 5/8" x 11 5/8". Very good condition, with a tiny fold to the bottom right corner and a small smudge to the top edge, left side.